3 Best Strollers for NYC

3 Best Strollers for NYC

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New York City is an enormous and crowded city where people are often shoulder to shoulder and the traffic is always bumper to bumper. Making your way through New York City can be a struggle especially while pushing a child or two!

Finding the perfect stroller for this environment can be a hassle. You’re up and down stairs constantly, whether you live in an apartment or travel by subway. You also have to deal with the wear and tear of not so superb city sidewalks. Worse still, there are so many types on the market. There’s the single stroller, the double stroller, the compact stroller, the jogging stroller, the umbrella stroller, the travel stroller, the sit-and-stand stroller, the all-terrain stroller, and so on—and some even have the added feature of a cup holder or storage basket for parents on the go. So, where do you start looking?

To help, we put together a short guide so you can know what to look for in the best strollers for the city if you live in NYC—or any other large city—as well as a list of some of the best strollers to look into while trying to make the right decision.

 What to Look for in a Stroller When Navigating NYC

There are a few main factors you want to look for in a stroller when you live in a big city. This short guide will help you decide what you need to help you navigate The Big Apple with your children.


Weight should be one of the first factors you consider when shopping for a stroller. Since you’ll spend most of your time trekking up and down stairs to your apartment, you need a lightweight stroller. A heavy, bulky stroller is going to be much harder to get up and down the stairs on a daily basis. You don’t want to be that parent huffing and grunting when you get to the top, leaving yourself worn out.


Along with weight, comes the portability feature of the stroller. Most lightweight strollers are also very portable. You don’t want the standard stroller, you want a stroller that can be folded down into a smaller size. This will make your trip up a long staircase smoother and help prevent you from tripping on larger strollers that don’t fold up as well.

Rubber Wheels 

Not all neighborhood sidewalks in NYC are created equally. You have to deal with wide cracks in some areas and during the winter, the sidewalks covered in snow and slush. So, the tires on your stroller are an important feature. The best stroller wheels are the rubber wheels that resemble bike tires. Better yet, to avoid flat tires, the higher priced strollers offer rubber wheels that are filled with foam.

You’ll also want to consider investing in a stroller with anti-shock technology or all-wheel suspension. This creates heavy-duty wheels that remain sturdy while giving your child a smooth ride despite bumps or when having to plow through snow.

Best Strollers for NYC

Baby Jogger City Select LUX, Granite

    • Baby Jogger’s City Select stroller can be transformed from a single stroller to a double stroller, which is great for twins or if you have multiple children. It also folds down to a much smaller portable size making it easy to carry.
    • It’s made for children 6 months and up.
    • The seat (or seats) on this stroller can be adjusted so your children are facing you, your children facing outwards, or you can even have your children facing each other to be entertained during your walk.
    • It has a UV50+ extended canopy that includes a cute peek-a-boo window for your baby. This canopy is sure to prevent your child from heated sun rays or sudden rain.
    • The handlebars are adjustable as well, so you can set them to what is most comfortable to you.
    • It has all-wheel suspension as well as locking front swivel wheels for the smoothest ride your baby will ever have on any terrain you find yourself on.
    • It has a big storage area underneath as well as pockets for your purse and all your baby’s needs.
    • Baby Jogger has spent 25 years creating some of the safest strollers. Every stroller must meet the ASTM or the EN 1888 safety standards before leaving the warehouse.



Maclaren Triumph Stroller, Black/Charcoal

  • The MacLaren Triumph Stroller is an amazing lightweight stroller that can be folded down so it’s easy to carry up the stairs to your home. The entire stroller weighs in at only 11 pounds.
  • It’s for children ages 6 months and up.
  • The handles are ergonomic to make pushing the stroller painless for you.
  • The canopy is waterproof and considered a UPV50+ sun canopy. This extended canopy has a built-in sun visor so the baby will be away from direct and uncomfortable sunlight in their eyes. It also has a fun peek-a-boo window too.
  • It even includes a wind-resistant rain cover for wet emergencies.
  • It has one step brakes for extra security and safety while you’re on your walk and it has lockable front swivel wheels.
  • The frame is aerodynamic.
  • This stroller is up to global safety standards.
  • They offer a Sovereign Lifetime Warranty that you must register for within 60 days of your purchase.



Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller, Black

  • Mountain Buggy’s Nano Stroller is lightweight and foldable, weighing in at only 13 pounds. You can either fold the stroller for more of a recline for your baby or fully collapse it so it’s portable.
  • It can even collapse into a satchel that meets regulations for most airline carry-on luggage.
  • It’s made for children from 6 months to 4 years.
  • It has a solid flip out visor and a sun mesh extension with fabric overlay to protect your baby from too much sunlight and other outside elements.
  • This stroller has an innovative “curb pop”. Made with the perfect weight distribution, the stroller is easy to hop curbs without disturbing your sleeping child in the process.
  • It’s made to fit with any car seat on the market with adapters that makes sure the car seat is secured to the stroller.
  • It has built-in rear wheel suspension to prevent a bumpy and uncomfortable ride for your baby. It also has 6-inch EVA wheels with easy locks so the stroller doesn’t roll away when you’re stopped.



Buying the perfect stroller to fit your needs in the big city will make you and your children’s lives so much easier and enjoyable.

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