3 Ted talks about motherhood that will change your life

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Everybody talks about motherhood: What is necessary to be a good mother and what is right to teach your kids? Is there a perfect way to be a mother?

I have read hundreds of articles in the past about the all motherhood dilemmas and these three ted talks really speak to me from deep inside.

1. The meaning of motherhood

Gesine Thomson’s Ted Talk gives a panoramic view of the very essence of motherhood. The leap of faith that each mother has to take when embracing motherhood.

2. When do babies start learning?

Annie Murphy Paul’s Ted talk tells us that we learn about the world even before we enter it. Our most important learning experiences happen before we are born, while we are still in the womb. This is an outstanding overview of how important our role is right from the start.

3. Growing up with a strong mother

Carmen Agra Deedy’ s Ted Talk is about mothers with strong personalities and the impact on the children’s life. Very funny, poignant and important to watch if you are part of the strong mothers club.

Let me know if you have other Ted talks or articles about motherhood you’d like to share. I would LOVE to hear from you.

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