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7 small fabulous bathroom designs

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When you have 30 square meters for designing a bathroom, it is easy to get creative with ideas and eccentric materials.

In London, the bathroom is usually the smallest place in the apartment. The size of the bathroom is something between a cupboard and a generous wardrobe. So, when life give you lemons… you try to make a lemonade with a bunch of very tiny lemons!

Here is a list of 7 designs to use in a small bathroom space:

 #1. Don’t be afraid to use colour

Just because you have a small space, you do not need to be conservative and boring. Dare to splash colour to the walls but keep the ceiling off white or cream colour.

# 2.  Update your ceiling

If you would like to update your white boring bathroom but cannot stand the idea of having builders around your flat, use wallpaper to make the ceiling interesting.

# 3. Use lights to create space

In a small bathroom lights are your best friends. Even the smallest bathroom can look twice the size if it is lit up properly.

# 4.  Use metallic details for an hotel feel

If you want to create a hotel feel with your bathroom, choose a metallic finish. I love this metal – looking wall. I’d love to have it in my place!

 # 5. Use gold

For a fabulous bathroom, gold is you ally.  You can use it in a very chic way. A lot of times gold is associated with tacky. It is only the combination of gold and other materials (sparkling floors, brass furniture) that makes the ensemble a bit too much.

# 6. Use mirrors to create space

Or the illusion of it. Look how cleverly designed this bathroom is. Putting a mirror in the wet room wall is pure genius. It looks like the view extends for miles.

 # 7. Make your sink the centerpiece

A stunning architecturally shaped furniture will focus attention to one point only. Nobody will remember how big the bathroom is (or not).

What are your ideas to maximise the space in a small bathroom? I’d love to hear from you!
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