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9 Amazing designs for London living rooms

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I am always fascinated by American interior designers. Great colour coordination and use of the space, amazing choice of finishes, inexpensive trinkets and decorative objects. When I tried to translate American design ideas into the reality of my small London flat, all my grandiose American dreams crashed into a thousand pieces. 

The reality of London, if you are lucky, is a 90 square meters flat in which 3 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 bathroom and a small kitchen are all squeezed in the layout. Bye bye classic Americana items and hello to more compact designs.

Here below is a list of 10 amazingly beautiful living room designs that could be adapted to our compact London lifestyle.

# 1.

This Californian living room could be replicated in London. The classic rule of 10-30-60 in the colour application scheme is well respected. First, a dominant colour, which covers around 60% of the space. Followed by a secondary colour, which takes up 30% of the space Finally, an accent colour (final 10%) used in décor items.

# 2.

This design can be partially used. If you do not have the space for sofa AND armchairs, you can opt for a classic sofa and a modern coffee table. Position your sofa close to a wall so that its visual impact will minimise and your room will feel bigger

# 3.

Use a bold pattern for your curtains and a plain colour for your sofa. It is easier (and cheaper) to change your curtains than re-upholster your sofa. Instead of a coffee table, use an ottoman that can double up as extra seating space, if needed.

# 4.

If your room has low ceiling (which is the vast majority of London flats), go for neutral colours with only a splash of funkiness. In this way, the room will not feel overwhelming.

# 5.

Use an L shaped sofa to divide the spaces in an open plan living room/kitchen

# 6.

If you do not have space for proper comfortable armchairs, choose these slimmed version chairs. They are not ideal but still useful if you have more than 2 friends coming for tea!

# 7.

Maximise a small space using rich, soft colours. Add ambient lighting to transform any living room into a welcoming retreat.

# 8.

Eliminate floor lamps. The idea of a floor lamp is amazing but leave it to people that have a lot of floor space.

# 9.

Use all the vertical space you have. Side tables are cute but when you are struggling to fit a sofa in the living room, they might not be the best option. Opt for wall scones instead. They will add ambience and save you space.

Have you seen anything you like? Do you have other ideas to maximise small living spaces?
I’d love to hear more!
C xx


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