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Is a Stokke Stroller Worth the Price Tag? Our Top 3 Reviews

Stokke is known for its baby products and has developed high chairs, baby carriers, and nursery furniture that is recognizable by its clean lines and modern flair. The strollers are some of the best in the business and have been used by countless celebrities.

Of course, celebrity-level style and function doesn’t come cheap. Are Stokke stroller and stroller accessories worth the price tag? That’s up for you to decide but one thing is pretty clear: Stokke products bring convenient features and a lot more style than you’ll find with other strollers.

Why? Simply because Stokke’s goal is to create designs that are in the best interest of your baby. They make serious efforts to strengthen the bond between parent and child and facilitate child development. These are not your average strollers and they are much more than their price tag suggests. Let’s take a look at three of our favorite models.

Our Pick of the Best Stokke Strollers

1. Stokke Xplory Newborn Stroller

The Stokke Xplory Stroller is one of the most stylish strollers around, but that’s not all that’s great about it. In addition to looking fantastic, it’s also easy to use and has a lot of really cool features that come in really handy when out and about with your little one.

stokke xplory newborn stroller purple image

First, the details. The Stokke Xplory stroller is made of aluminum and automobile-grade polymer so it’s really durable and lightweight. The infant cot accessory can hold newborns up to 20 pounds or approximately six months old. The seat was made for older babies and toddlers up to four years old or 45 pounds.

stokke xplory newborn stroller red image

The first thing you’ll notice when you look at the Xplory is how different it looks from a standard stroller. One of the things that parents love is the adjustable seat height. Typical stroller seats are quite low which means two things. One, you’re never really able to look your baby in the eye. And, two, you have to keep bending over to tend to your little one. With the high seat on the Xplory, not only is your baby at the perfect height for easy diaper changes in the infant carry cot but also plenty of eye contact and interaction as they get older. You get a lot of options here, including two front-facing and three rear-facing positions.

stokke xplory newborn stroller image

Because the handlebars are also completely adjustable, this stroller is great for parents of any height. Tall parents will really appreciate this feature a lot. No more awkward bending over to push the baby along or back and shoulder pain at the end of a long walk.

One of the benefits of it being so compact is that its maneuverability is stellar. It can make sharp turns and fit through narrow doorways and aisles. Plus, it has shock absorbers so that your baby won’t be bothered by any particularly bumpy roads. The tires are also puncture-proof and easily removable in case you ever need to store it.

The underseat storage bag is amazing. It’s really big and comes in really handy for holding baby items or even groceries. There are also plenty of pockets where you can store toys, your smartphone, or your keys. What’s more, if anything gets dirty, clean-up is easy. The bag and all of the fabric on the stroller are easy to remove and machine washable.

2. Stokke Scoot Stroller

The Stokke Scoot Stroller is the company’s compact version. It’s slim, smaller, and less expensive than other Stokke models. Like the Xplory, it’s suitable from birth until age four or around 45 pounds.

The Scoot has a lot of the features that Stokke is famous for. The aluminum construction is solid and easy to push. Plus, the fabric is removable and machine washable. Most importantly, it has the high seat so you can easily reach your baby and make more eye contact. You can even make the seat forward or rear facing with some pretty simple adjustments.

stokke scoot stroller image

Because this is sort of the stripped down model, the Scoot doesn’t have as many bells and whistles are the others, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an awesome stroller. One of the best things about it is the steering capabilities. It’s really easy to control using only one hand.

This model is also really compact when you fold it down. It actually stands on its own when folded and can fit in smaller vehicles.

While this isn’t the best stroller for jogging or walking on a trail, it’s perfect for flat surfaces. If you’re looking for something that’s suited for walking around town or running errands, this is a great fit. Plus, it’s the most affordable option. If you want a Stokke that’s more likely to fit you budget, the Scoot is the best option.

3. Stokke Trailz Stroller

If you’re looking for a Stokke that will take you off-road, check out the Stokke Trailz Stroller. It has the high seat that the other models have and is made for newborns up to 33 pounds. It’s compact when folded and can easily stow away in the trunk of most cars. That’s not all, there are five seating positions, three rear- and two forward-facing. Even from the basics, you can tell this is a rather awesome product.

stokke trailz stroller image

What makes it really stand out from other Stokke models? It can easily handle a variety of terrain, including grass, gravel, dirt, and paved surfaces. It’s equipped with advanced suspension and had large, air-filled tires. And the best part? Your newborn won’t be disturbed by any excessive bumps or being jostled around.

Most strollers that are designed for this sort of activity only have three wheels but the Trailz has four. This gives it a lot of stability by comparison. It’s also really easy to maneuver whether you’re talking rocks on a walking trail or racks of clothes in a department store. The large basket gives you a lot of room for storage. Because the stroller’s seat is so high, there’s a lot of vertical space, too, so you can really stack it up.

Best Bassinet Stroller Reviews 2017

Best Bassinet Stroller Reviews 2019 – Top 5 Picks

Are you a first-time parent? No problem. Often, first-time parents struggle with the task of buying a stroller. After all, many first time parents are torn between buying a stroller or a bassinet. Well, there is a very simple solution to that issue. You should purchase a stroller and a bassinet in one—known as a bassinet stroller. Bassinet strollers are not only economical (in terms of saving on buying separately), but they are useful too. Not only will you have a bassinet for your child while they are below six months of age, you will have a nifty stroller once your child is of age, effectively killing two birds with one stone while also helping your wallet out too! Now, here are five of the best bassinet strollers on the market.

5. 4moms Origami Stroller and Bassinet

Claiming to be the world’s first power-folding stroller seat, 4moms Origami Stroller and Bassinet is one of the classiest and innovative bassinet strollers on the market. It even gives parents the ability to charge their cell phones and light up a glowing LCD dashboard from power stemmed from the wheel’s generators. Here are some of the other features of this amazing bassinet stroller:

4moms Origami Stroller and Bassinet

  • Trendy Interface – The 4moms Origami Stroller and Bassinet kit gives you the ability to charge your phone for extended outdoor and indoor trips. Also, the LCD interface tracks the miles you walk, the temperature, and whether or not your child is in the seat.
  • Easy to Fold – One of the best features about this stroller is that it folds automatically, earning the moniker, “Origami”. This allows the bassinet stroller to be compactly stored and it even unfolds at the press of a button.
  • Offers Supreme Protection – The seat of this amazing stroller is oval shaped, which is designed to protect your child from all angles. The canopy is large and transparent, allowing you to always keep a watching eye over your precious one.

With all advantages aside, one major downside of 4moms Origami Stroller and Bassinet kit is that it is expensive, compared to the other bassinet strollers on the market. With this stroller, however, you will actually be killing two birds with one stone anyway. Besides, you have to buy a bassinet anyway for children below six months of age.

4. Hot Mom 3-in-1 Travel System and Bassinet Baby Stroller

With a touch of European fashion, the Hot Mom 3-in-1 Travel and Bassinet Baby Stroller has an innovative egg-shaped capsule for the comfort of your newborn. It also has a bunch of other features such as:

Hot Mom 3-in-1 Travel System and Bassinet Baby Stroller

  • It’s Maneuverable – The front wheels are swivel wheels, which will allow you to navigate through crowded places and narrow passageways. The rear wheels will also safely lock in case you want to stop the stroller.
  • It’s Compact – The Hot Mom 3-in-1 Travel System and Bassinet Baby Stroller has a one-click folding button and is easy to unfold. Also, it takes up very little space, which is optimum in tight situations—literally.
  • Has a Height Adjustable Handle – Let’s be honest; carrying a bassinet isn’t always easy. That’s why this bassinet stroller features a height adjustable handle that makes it more convenient for parents of all heights to use the stroller without any strain.

3. Urbini Omni Solo Versatile Convertible Stroller

Featured as one of the best bassinet strollers on the market, the Urbini Omni Solo Versatile Convertible Stroller. To start, this stroller is inexpensive and can be used as a bassinet, stroller, and car seat, all at the same time. Here are some other features of why the Urbini Omni Solo Versatile Convertible Stroller is one of the best:

Urbini Omni Solo Versatile Convertible Stroller

  • It’s Cost Effective – Being a 3-in-1 stroller, you can effectively use this item from the time your child is born to the time when he or she outgrows the stroller. Ultimately, this will save you a lot of money in the long run.
  • Easy to Clean – We all know children have little accidents. However, when your child eventually has a little mishap, you can rest easy knowing you can clean this whole stroller with warm, soapy water and a damp cloth.
  • Has Nice Storage – The seat basket has a nice storage for you to store all of your baby essentials, especially for long trips.

2. Britax 2017 B-Ready Stroller

The Britax 2017 B-Ready Stroller is a new, modish bassinet stroller for parents who want to add a little pep to their step. With 12 different seating options, this versatile stroller is perfect for first-time parents who want an inexpensive stroller that is worth more than the price. Here are some key features:

Britax 2017 B-Ready Stroller

  • It’s a Travel Stroller – With foam-filled tired, this stroller is made for travel. It also has linked parking brakes and can stop with a single step.
  • 12 Different Seating Options – The seat is reversible and multi-recline. You can face the seat in 12 different positions using a car seat adapter.
  • It’s Compatible – The Britax 2017 B-Ready Stroller is compatible with many car seats. You can even add a second seat and stroll two children, thereby making this stroller versatile and multi-use, even with twins!

1. Inglesina – Trilogy Stroller with Bassinet

Being the most modern and sophisticated bassinet stroller on the market, the Inglesina – Trilogy Stroller with Bassinet is a unique bassinet stroller with a lot to offer, especially with a beautiful price tag. Without any further delay, here are three of the best features for this delightful bassinet stroller:

Inglesina – Trilogy Stroller with Bassinet

  • Has an Active Brake Lever – With an active brake lever, the stroller will stop as soon as the lever is pressed. This adds a cushion of safety to the stroller with your precious newborn inside.
  • Has a High Weight Capacity – The Inglesina – Trilogy Stroller with Bassinet can hold children up to 55 pounds, so you will be glad to know that this stroller can be used for a bulk of your newborn’s toddler years.
  • Altered Canopy with Hood – Equipped with a large canopy and hood with a UPF50+ sun protection, your child will be wholly protected from the dangerous rays of the sun.

Although this is the best bassinet stroller on the market, the only downside is that you have to separately purchase the bassinet and car seat. It’s not really a big enough deal, however, to hinder a purchase, but this is just worth noting.


3 Best Pink Prams for Newborns

When you have a newborn on the way, it can be overwhelming to be prepared for a new precious life and all the responsibilities that come along with birth. You have to find the right bottles, the right pacifiers, the right pram, the right crib, and the perfect gadgets that assist you in traveling with your baby.

When looking for the best way to travel around with your child, you want to find the most comfortable carriage but even more importantly, you want something you’re confident that will keep your baby safe. As a parent, you already worry constantly about your children so the safety of the perfect pram should ease your stress a bit.

So, we’re going to learn about the prettiest pink pram travel systems on the market so you can push your newborn around in style!

The Differences Between Prams and Strollers

Despite prams and strollers being used interchangeably in parenting conversations, they are two very different travel systems made to help with getting around with children. It’s important to learn the differences between the two and what is recommended for a newborn.


The word pram is actually short for the word perambulator. A perambulator, also known as the pram push chair, is a horizontal wheeled carriage for babies. Prams—including the double pram for twins—are best suited for newborn babies because they lay flat making it easy for babies to sleep.

Prams are heavier than baby strollers so they can make a long distance walk a bit more difficult and tend to have fewer safety features than strollers.

They’re higher off the ground and have soft bottoms so your newborn is kept comfortable during your walk and even offer soft pram liner for added comfort. They usually have a collapsible canopy to protect your baby from direct sunlight and other outside elements.


Strollers are built for children who are old enough and able to sit straight up and down. A stroller doesn’t let the child lay to sleep but instead sits the child up or lets your baby recline at a slight angle.

Baby strollers are more lightweight than prams and often have all-terrain wheels so they’re easier to push longer distances. They also have tons of safety features to keep your little one in the stroller and protected from injuries.

Most strollers, like prams, come with a canopy to protect your child from too much sun and even dirt and grime.

Now that we know the differences lets check out some great prams for newborns!

The 3 Best Pink Prams for Newborns

Cynebaby Convertible Luxury Pram

  • This amazing pram made by Cynebaby isn’t just what it appears. It’s not only a pram for babies aged newborn to 6 months old. It can be folded into a stroller where the child is either semi-reclined or sitting straight up and down for children aged 7 months to 36 months.
  • Since it’s a “convertible” pram, you can face your little one toward you or toward the outside scenery.
  • The handlebars are also adjustable so you can adjust the handlebar to a comfortable height.
  • This pram is made from eco-friendly and anti-bacterial fabrics that are super tough.
  • The frame is made in a triangular structure for stability and is made from anti-rust aluminum alloy.
  • The plastic on the pram is non-toxic, first-class PA. This plastic won’t oxidize or crack easily.
  • It includes a food tray, canopy, warm foot cover, seat cushion, cup holder, and a mosquito net.
  • The safety features of this pram are numerous. Time and thought were put into every detail to protect your child from harm. It has anti-shock springs in the front wheels to prevent a bumpy ride and has 12-inch ax-shaped rear rubber wheels so you can push the pram on all road types.
  • This design has passed the American ASTM F833 safety standard test.
  • It also comes with a 180-day 100% money-back guarantee as well as a lifetime warranty.


Belecoo Luxury Newborn Foldable Pram

  • This pram is made by Belecoo and is made for babies ages newborn to 3 years (or up to 55 pounds). It can be adjusted from a pram to a stroller or even folded completely down so you can pack it into your vehicle, saving you space.
  • You can face your baby towards you so you can see their smiling faces or you can face them outwards so they can enjoy the scenery.
  • The handlebars are non-slip as well and have a button that helps you adjust the handlebars to what works for your height.
  • The inside of the pram is roomy (31 inches by 14 inches) and uses some of the softest fabric you’ll come across.
  • Belecoo uses an innovative strap system that will keep your baby in the pram or stroller safely while remaining comfortable.
  • The wheels are made of natural rubber so you won’t have to worry about them exploding. The wheels also have shock springs for a smooth ride and a pedal brake for extra safety. You can also lock the back wheels so the pram won’t run away from you if you’re stopped.



Costzon Infant Baby Buggy


  • Like the other prams on this list, the Costzon’s pram has the ability to be changed from a pram into a stroller or even folded up for saving space while you travel. It’s great for any compact needs.
  • This pram includes a warm foot cover to protect your baby’s feet from cold weather and harsh winds. This foot cover can also be removed if it’s too warm outside for use.
  • The canopy on this stroller is made of a breathable and non-toxic Oxford fabric to protect your baby from hot weather and other outside elements.
  • The storage space under the pram is expansive and has plenty of room for groceries or anything you may need to store from diapers to bottles.
  • You can choose to face your baby towards you or towards the scenery outside.
  • The frame is made from a durable but lightweight aluminum.
  • It has a 5-point safety harness to keep your baby safe from falling out. It even has lockable wheels for extra safety so your pram won’t roll away from you when you’re not payinfg attention.


These top of the line and fashionable prams will make transporting your baby during a walk smoother while keeping your baby safe and out of harm’s way.


3 Best Strollers for NYC

New York City is an enormous and crowded city where people are often shoulder to shoulder and the traffic is always bumper to bumper. Making your way through New York City can be a struggle especially while pushing a child or two!

Finding the perfect stroller for this environment can be a hassle. You’re up and down stairs constantly, whether you live in an apartment or travel by subway. You also have to deal with the wear and tear of not so superb city sidewalks. Worse still, there are so many types on the market. There’s the single stroller, the double stroller, the compact stroller, the jogging stroller, the umbrella stroller, the travel stroller, the sit-and-stand stroller, the all-terrain stroller, and so on—and some even have the added feature of a cup holder or storage basket for parents on the go. So, where do you start looking?

To help, we put together a short guide so you can know what to look for in the best strollers for the city if you live in NYC—or any other large city—as well as a list of some of the best strollers to look into while trying to make the right decision.

 What to Look for in a Stroller When Navigating NYC

There are a few main factors you want to look for in a stroller when you live in a big city. This short guide will help you decide what you need to help you navigate The Big Apple with your children.


Weight should be one of the first factors you consider when shopping for a stroller. Since you’ll spend most of your time trekking up and down stairs to your apartment, you need a lightweight stroller. A heavy, bulky stroller is going to be much harder to get up and down the stairs on a daily basis. You don’t want to be that parent huffing and grunting when you get to the top, leaving yourself worn out.


Along with weight, comes the portability feature of the stroller. Most lightweight strollers are also very portable. You don’t want the standard stroller, you want a stroller that can be folded down into a smaller size. This will make your trip up a long staircase smoother and help prevent you from tripping on larger strollers that don’t fold up as well.

Rubber Wheels 

Not all neighborhood sidewalks in NYC are created equally. You have to deal with wide cracks in some areas and during the winter, the sidewalks covered in snow and slush. So, the tires on your stroller are an important feature. The best stroller wheels are the rubber wheels that resemble bike tires. Better yet, to avoid flat tires, the higher priced strollers offer rubber wheels that are filled with foam.

You’ll also want to consider investing in a stroller with anti-shock technology or all-wheel suspension. This creates heavy-duty wheels that remain sturdy while giving your child a smooth ride despite bumps or when having to plow through snow.

Best Strollers for NYC

Baby Jogger City Select LUX, Granite

    • Baby Jogger’s City Select stroller can be transformed from a single stroller to a double stroller, which is great for twins or if you have multiple children. It also folds down to a much smaller portable size making it easy to carry.
    • It’s made for children 6 months and up.
    • The seat (or seats) on this stroller can be adjusted so your children are facing you, your children facing outwards, or you can even have your children facing each other to be entertained during your walk.
    • It has a UV50+ extended canopy that includes a cute peek-a-boo window for your baby. This canopy is sure to prevent your child from heated sun rays or sudden rain.
    • The handlebars are adjustable as well, so you can set them to what is most comfortable to you.
    • It has all-wheel suspension as well as locking front swivel wheels for the smoothest ride your baby will ever have on any terrain you find yourself on.
    • It has a big storage area underneath as well as pockets for your purse and all your baby’s needs.
    • Baby Jogger has spent 25 years creating some of the safest strollers. Every stroller must meet the ASTM or the EN 1888 safety standards before leaving the warehouse.



Maclaren Triumph Stroller, Black/Charcoal

  • The MacLaren Triumph Stroller is an amazing lightweight stroller that can be folded down so it’s easy to carry up the stairs to your home. The entire stroller weighs in at only 11 pounds.
  • It’s for children ages 6 months and up.
  • The handles are ergonomic to make pushing the stroller painless for you.
  • The canopy is waterproof and considered a UPV50+ sun canopy. This extended canopy has a built-in sun visor so the baby will be away from direct and uncomfortable sunlight in their eyes. It also has a fun peek-a-boo window too.
  • It even includes a wind-resistant rain cover for wet emergencies.
  • It has one step brakes for extra security and safety while you’re on your walk and it has lockable front swivel wheels.
  • The frame is aerodynamic.
  • This stroller is up to global safety standards.
  • They offer a Sovereign Lifetime Warranty that you must register for within 60 days of your purchase.



Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller, Black

  • Mountain Buggy’s Nano Stroller is lightweight and foldable, weighing in at only 13 pounds. You can either fold the stroller for more of a recline for your baby or fully collapse it so it’s portable.
  • It can even collapse into a satchel that meets regulations for most airline carry-on luggage.
  • It’s made for children from 6 months to 4 years.
  • It has a solid flip out visor and a sun mesh extension with fabric overlay to protect your baby from too much sunlight and other outside elements.
  • This stroller has an innovative “curb pop”. Made with the perfect weight distribution, the stroller is easy to hop curbs without disturbing your sleeping child in the process.
  • It’s made to fit with any car seat on the market with adapters that makes sure the car seat is secured to the stroller.
  • It has built-in rear wheel suspension to prevent a bumpy and uncomfortable ride for your baby. It also has 6-inch EVA wheels with easy locks so the stroller doesn’t roll away when you’re stopped.



Buying the perfect stroller to fit your needs in the big city will make you and your children’s lives so much easier and enjoyable.

the 5 best all terrain strollers buying guide

The 5 Best All-Terrain Strollers & Buying Guide

All-terrain strollers have three or four wheels that roll easily on all kinds of surfaces such as grass, gravel, and uneven sidewalks. When trying to make a decision about the stroller that is best for you, consider the surfaces that where it will be most used.

The size and weight of the passenger are also things to contemplate. These strollers typically are fitted with three wheels having a larger diameter than conventional strollers and are equipped with an inner tube and crampons.

There are degrees of overall strollers. All jogging strollers are all-terrain strollers, but every all-terrain stroller is not a jogging stroller. Running and sports enthusiasts who travel off the beaten path appreciated the performance of an all-terrain stroller that handles surfaces such as gravel, sand, and trails. It is smart to do research before purchasing a stroller. This list displays the best all-terrain strollers on the market.

5.  Schwinn Turismo Single Jogger

schwinn turismo single jogger

The great tires on the Schwinn Turismo Swivel Single Jogger make it easy to handle rough terrain such as uneven sidewalks, dirt paths, gravel, sand, and more.

The front 12-inch diameter wheels are locked in the forward position to provide stability and control. Pushing the stroller is almost effortless due to the 16-inch rear wheels.

A lightweight aluminum frame makes the stroller durable and long lasting. The dual trigger folding mechanism is an element of safety. There are two molded trays on the stroller. The flip open child trays have two cup holders. Dual fin grip holders are molded into the parent trays.

The stroller canopy has mounted speakers that accept most MP3 players. The car seat adapter allows the stroller to be used with many car seats. A rubberized and adjustable handle is comfortable and slip-resistant. Children 50 pounds or under can ride in the stroller.


  1. Built-in MP3 player
  2. Reclining position seat
  3. Large storage basket
  4. Faux lambskin seat


  1. Lacks hand brakes

4. Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger

baby trend expedition double jogger

This stroller is an excellent option for parents who are on a budget. The pneumatic rubber three-wheel design makes it easy to move and turn.

It is capable of handling almost any terrain. The Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger is reasonably priced. It rates well with consumers regarding weight and size.

The stroller has under seat storage and added ventilation. Money-conscious parents appreciate the many features of the stroller. It is easy to turn and push. The stroller allows jogging. It is lighter and smaller than many of its competitors.

Important to active families, is finding a stroller that allows both parents and children to enjoy their time. Often, strollers deteriorate because of poor construction, little or no storage space, or uncomfortable seating for the child.

This stroller has many awesome features. They include:

  1. A flawless metallic frame
  2. 100 percent polyester material
  3. Safety plastic caps.

3. Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

joovy zoom 360 ultralight jogging stroller

A well-built stroller like the Joovy Zoom 360 has some cool features. The features add to the value of the stroller. It is a lightweight, yet rugged, stroller made of aluminum.

This stroller also boasts speakers in the canopy that are compatible with nearly all MP3 players. The handle is adjustable and slip-resistant.

This is the only jogging model made by Joovy. It sports

  1. Rear wheel suspension
  2. Pneumatic tires
  3. Locking swivel front wheel
  4. Under seat storage
  5. Parent console
  6. Tire pump
  7. Passenger mesh pockets

Keeping the stroller from the number one spot on the list is the amount of trunk space required and being somewhat hard to fold with one hand as suggested in the advertising. This stroller scores well in the areas of weight and maneuverability. The Joovy 360 weighs 27.5 pounds. One child weighing up to 75 [pounds can be seated in the stroller.

2. Graco FastAction Fold Jogger

graco fastaction fold jogger

Graco is a leader in the manufacturer of baby products. The Graco FastAction Stroller is one of their best.

This is a stroller that requires only one hand to fold. It is the perfect stroller for busy moms who have places to go.

Locking front swivel wheels make storing in the car and transporting easy. The air in the rubber tires gives the child a comfortable ride. The baby feels no bumps as the stroller is taken over any terrain.

It holds children up to 50 pounds. There is no need to upgrade the stroller every year. The Graco Click Connect Infant Seat option allows creating a customized stroller. The ability to pull a child out of a vehicle while he or she is still in a car seat is a feature of convenience.

Know the car seat is secure in the stroller offers peace of mind. The attachments are a means of customizing the ride through a store. An extra-large storage basket is ideal for keeping belongings secure wherever you go.

1. BOB Revolution Flex Stroller

BOB revolution flex stroller

This stroller earned high rankings and Editor’s Choice from many resources used in the research. Run-ability is its most praised characteristic.

Quality and maneuverability received high scores. The BOB Revolution Flex Stroller adeptly navigates rough terrain and crowded spaces. It is a great choice for those who value durability over lighter weight and smaller size.

The stroller is recommended for families who regularly move off the beaten path and love being outside. The Flex model features.

  1. A handlebar
  2. Adjustable front wheel tracking
  3. A state-of-the-art adjustable suspension system
  4. Large air-filled tires
  5. Easy to fold

The travel system has an adapter that converts the stroller into an infant car seat. The stroller works well with nearly all popular car seats. It has an adjustable recline and upright seat. This is an ideal choice for sporty parents. The only thing that has been suggested to improve the stroller is a bumper bar. A snack tray can be purchased separately.

In the end you can’t go wrong with any of the above strollers, it just comes down to preference. So pick your favorite and see where life takes you!

triple stroller top 5 strollers for triplets and tot trios in 2018

Triple Stroller: Top 5 Strollers for Triplets & Tot Trios

Three kids are a handful at any age but there’s a special craziness that comes along with having triplets or a little one with a set of twins. Having the right stroller may not come in handy during feeding or bath time but it will definitely help when it comes time to get out and about, from infancy all the way through toddlerhood.

We have all seen a single stroller or a double stroller. But what about a triple stroller like a triple jogging stroller or triple baby stroller? There’s a lot to think about when it comes to choosing a triple stroller but remember one thing in particular. It has to be the right one for you and your babies. Look for a stroller that has independently adjustable seats and a shade that offers a lot of coverage to keep your little ones comfortable. Don’t forget about the things that you need, like an easy to clean fabric, ergonomic handle, and easy to maneuver design.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 strollers for triplets and tot trios that we have compiled.

1. OBaby Mercury Triple Stroller

obaby mercury triple stroller

Our top pick is the OBaby Mercury Triple Stroller. This stroller can hold children from birth up to 33 pounds. Each of the 3 seats has a 5-point safety harness and independently adjustable back and leg rests. This means it’s not only a good option for triplets, it’s a great fit for families with little kids of different ages too. Whether you have toddler twins and a new baby, a toddler and new twins, or a brand new set of triplets, you can make each one of your babies comfortable. There are removable hoods on each seat too, which protect your passengers from the sun. It is also super easy to clean.

This is a wide stroller so maneuverability is really important. To start with, the handles are ergonomically designed, comfortable, and easy to push. There are 4 wheels in the back and 4 in the front for an impressive 8 wheels in all. Plus, the front wheels swivel so they’re easy to steer. Underneath each seat is a storage basket so you have plenty of room to stash anything you need for your little ones. The folding mechanism adds even more convenience, making the stroller surprisingly compact so it’s easy to fit in your trunk or closet for storage.

2. Foundations Trio Sport Triple Tandem Stroller

foundations trio sport triple tandem stroller

If you prefer a narrower stroller, there’s the Foundations Trio Sport Triple Tandem Stroller. Because the seats are lined up behind one another, this one is a little easier to maneuver through narrow spaces than a stroller that has the seats side by side. This stroller can even fit through standard doorways without any problems. Each seat can hold up to 40 pounds and the front and rear ones recline.

The ergonomic handle helps you steer easily and the heavy-duty rubber foam wheels provide great shock absorption that gives your triplets a smooth ride. Each seat has an adjustable canopy that protects from UV rays and inclement weather and a 5-point harness to keep them safe and secure. There’s a large storage area underneath the seat, so you have room to keep anything you need for your babies. That’s not all, the durable tubing is really lightweight and folds down easily for storage and transport.

3. Joovy Big Caboose

joovy big caboose

If you have a tot trio that includes an older toddler with younger twin siblings, this is a great option for you. As long as one of your kids is able to stand on the back platform or sit on the rear bench seat, you can place your smaller children in the two main seats of this stroller. This makes it much easier to move around. You can fit through doorways and make sharper turns that you couldn’t with a stroller that has three seats.

Each of the front seats is designed for children over 6 months old and can hold up to 40 pounds. Each has two recline positions, adjustable footrests, and a tray with a cup holder and place for snacks. There are car seat adapters too, so you can use this stroller with compatible travel system car seats. The rear bench seat is designed for children 2.5 years and older, up to 45 pounds. Plus, there’s a large stowaway area so you can bring along everything you need when you’re out and about.

4. Peg Perego Triplette Piroet Stroller with Pop-Up Seats

peg perego triplette piroet stroller with pop up seats

This triple stroller from Piroet is a top of the line product that is loaded with features that can make life with triplets just a little bit easier. The upgraded chassis has polyurethane wheels that turn 360 degrees and have durable tread. This makes it so it’s easy to steer and maneuver through doorways and small spaces. The seats are stylish and comfortable. Each has a reclining backrest and an adjustable footrest. Large hoods protect your little ones from the harsh sunlight plus each one is vented to help air flow through to keep them cool.

Another cool thing about this stroller is that you can turn the seats so your kids look at you, each other, or out into the world. For added convenience, there’s an extra-large basket to store everything you need with three little kids and still have some room to bring some things along for yourself.

5. Child Craft Sport Multi-Child Triple Stroller

child craft sport multi child triple stroller

Last up is the Child Craft Trio 3 Passenger Stroller. Each seat reclines independently and has an adjustable 5-part harness that grows with your child up to 40 pounds. Plus, there are three canopies to block out harsh sunlight and protect your little ones from UV rays. The fabric is really easy to clean, which is so important with kids, especially three of them.

The rubberized foam wheels provide a smooth and comfortable ride. For safety, there’s a SafeBreak system that automatically engages when the stroller handle is released. For added convenience, there’s an extra-large storage area underneath plus the whole thing folds up quickly for easy storage and transport.

baby stroller fan the top 5 reviews for keeping your baby cool in 2018

Baby Stroller Fan: The Top 5 Reviews for Keeping Your Baby Cool

Taking your baby for a walk in the summer is a great way to get out and about, especially if you have a newborn and you need to get out of the house yourself. Whether using the car seat or under the canopy, one thing you always need to be careful of  is making sure you keep them nice and cool. A simple way to do this is with a stroller fan. With a clip-on blower fan and a couple of AA batteries (or a rechargeable battery), just clip it onto the tray or frame, aim it at your little one, and you’re ready to go. Here are 5 of the best ones around:

1. Comelife Baby Stroller Fan

comelife baby stroller fan

The Comelife Baby Stroller Fan is packed with awesome features that make it our top pick for a baby stroller fan. For one, it runs on rechargeable lithium batteries which are included. It gets a full charge in as little as 4 hours. A USB charging cord is included which means you can charge it just about anywhere, even in the USB port in your car. Then, simply clip it to your little one’s stroller for up to 32 hours of battery life on the lowest setting. To change the speed, just turn the dial. The clip is secure and easy to use and the fan rotates 360 degrees vertically and horizontally so you can position it just right.

Here’s the best part. This fan also includes an aroma diffuser. It comes with a small, circular sponge that can be inserted into the center of the fan. All you have to do is place a few drops of essential oils on the sponge and place it in the fan. You can use calming essential oils if the baby is fussy or, better yet, use oils that are a natural insect repellent to keep the mosquitoes away.

2. Sky Genius Portable Fan

sky genius portable fan

Another great choice is the Sky Genius Portable Fan. Depending on the speed, this fan can run up to 32 hours with fully charged batteries. They’re included and there are a lot of ways to charge them using the simple USB charging cable that comes with the fan. Plug it into your laptop, cell phone adapter, the USB port in your car, or a power bank. And get this, it can actually work as a power bank itself.

This is a quiet fan that has 350-degree rotation both vertically and horizontally and easily clips onto your stroller, making it easy to position just right. Speed adjustment is smooth and simple, too, just turn the simple dial. Another cool feature is the aromatherapy function. Just add essential oil to the foam to soothe your baby or keep the insects away.

3. PUAIDA Clip-On Fan

PUAIDA clip on fan

For a fan that’s compact and perfect for your stroller, check out the PUAIDA Clip-On Fan. It can easily fit inside your diaper bag during travel and you can quickly and easily get it set up when you get the stroller ready to go. Just use the large clip to place it on your stroller frame or tray. It turns 360 degrees horizontally and vertically, too, so it’s easily positioned so it’s just right for your baby. Use the included USB cable to charge it just about anywhere. A full battery gives you 2 to 6 hours of operation, depending on which of the 3 speeds you choose.

This fan can also be used as a small table top fan. Because of the way the clip is designed, it can also sit on a flat surface without worrying about it falling over. That means once you’re done taking a walk with your little one, you can bring your fan in the house or take it to the office and continue use.

4. Anglink Mini Fan

anglink mini fan

This fan from Anglink can pull double duty as a stroller fan and a desk fan. The clip is flat on the bottom and the weight is balanced so you can either clip it onto your stroller or sit it on a flat surface. We like that because it means you get more use out of it which makes it a better buy. The clip is strong and has a thick padded sponge surface for a sturdy grip. It rotates 360 degrees vertically and horizontally so it’s easy to get it positioned just right for your little one.

There are 2 rechargeable batteries included as well as a USB charging cable. When the batteries are full, you can get up to 8 hours of use from this fan, depending on the speed. There are 4 speeds to choose from and even the fastest is surprisingly quiet. This fan is made of lightweight, durable material that’s built to last. In fact, it even comes with a 3-year warranty. Plus, the white and pastel blue color combination is the perfect addition to a baby stroller or crib.

5. Aikmi Portable Clip Fan

aikmi portable clip fan

Our last pick is this adorable fan from Aikmi. It adds a bit of whimsy with a bright aqua and white color scheme and the adorable whale-shaped clip. The clip is also designed to sit on a flat surface so you can actually get use out of this fan beyond your stroller. It has stepless speed control so you can adjust the settings quickly and quietly. And speaking of quiet, even when set at its fastest speed, it’s still relatively quiet.

Rechargeable batteries and a charger are also included. It takes about 5 hours to charge completely and can run for about 4 hours on a full charge, depending on the speed setting. Because it uses a USB charger, you can simply plug it into your laptop, computer, cell phone charging brick, and even a USB port in your car for charging on the go.

The clip holds securely and the fan rotates 360 degrees both horizontally and vertically. All that and it also comes with a 24-month warranty for free repair or exchange.

stroller bag buying advice and top 5 reviews for traveling babies in 2018

Stroller Bag: Buying Advice & Top 5 Reviews for Traveling Babies

If you’ve ever traveled with a baby, you know it’s not easy. Babies don’t care much for your travel schedule; they want what they want when they want it. That’s where having the perfect stroller travel bags come in. Imagine having everything you could possibly need right for your little one right at your fingertips. It would certainly make traveling a little easier.

Here are some things to look for when you’re searching for the perfect diaper bag:

  • Easily washable. Travel can be dirty enough but everything is a little messier when there’s a baby involved. Between dirty diapers, spit ups, and all the germs you pick up traveling, being able to throw your bag in the washing machine makes things really easy. At the very least, make sure you can hand wash it and that spot cleaning is easy.
  • The more pockets, the better. When everything has a place, you’ll always be able to find what you need quickly. Another thing to check for is if there are pockets for your things. Ideally, you’ll have a secure pocket for your keys, wallet, and cell phone.
  • Versatile. Most designs can be used as a stroller bag and also be converted to a backpack. Some can even be carried as a crossbody bag or a tote. That means you’ll be able to take it just about anywhere and you’ll get a lot of use out of it even when you aren’t using your stroller.

Now that you know the basic things to look for in a stroller travel bag, let’s take a look at the top five bags. These bags are all perfect for any kind of travel and will make your adventures with your baby more enjoyable.

1) J. Giovanni Diaper Bag with Stroller Straps

j giovanni diaper bag with stroller traps

The bag from J. Giovanni is the perfect balance of style and function. It has heavy-duty, double polyester lining that’s machine washable. That’s not all; it’s also water-, wrinkle-, and mildew-resistant. This is truly a bag that can go with you just about anywhere and will last a long time. The wide, comfortable straps let you carry it on your back with ease and it easily attaches to your stroller when you need a break.

One of the best things about it is the number of pockets it has. There are 12 in all and they vary in size so there’s a place for everything, including a pocket specially designed for dispensing baby wipes and one that’s insulated to keep bottles fresh. It even includes a free changing pad so getting your little one into fresh diapers on the go is a piece of cake. And that’s not all: it also comes with a money-back guarantee.

2) Mini Me Diaper Bag

mini me diaper bag

Another stylish and versatile option is the Mini Me Diaper Bag. You can use it as a backpack, tote bag, or stroller bag. The special double zipper design allows you to open the bag nice and wide so you can get everything you need in a hurry. It’s made of water-resistant nylon and even comes with a matching changing pad.

When it comes to pockets, this bag delivers. The main compartment is really roomy and perfect for spare clothes, baby blankets, or diapers. There’s also an insulated pocket on the front of the bag that has room for 3 bottles. It also comes with four elastic pockets and a key strap so you can keep everything organized.

3) Baby Bandit

baby bandit

When it comes to pockets, this bag from Baby Bandit delivers. Believe it or not, it has 16 pockets in all. This includes two large zipper compartments, an easy access baby wipes pocket, and five insulated pouches to keep bottles fresh. There are even hidden pockets where you can keep your wallet, phone, and passport for safe keeping. If you want to stay decluttered while you travel, this bag gives you a lot of ways to do it.

You can carry it on your back using the comfortable padded straps, with the top handle, or attach it to your stroller. It includes a waterproof changing pad as well as a travel sack for easy carrying. While it’s not machine washable, it is really easy to spot clean and you can hand wash it when needed. Here’s the best part: it comes with a lifetime warranty.

4) Bag Nation Diaper Bag with Straps

bag nation diaper bag with straps

Bag Nation makes a great diaper bag that can be carried as a backpack using the comfortable straps or easily attached to your stroller when you want a hands-free option. There are 14 pockets in various sizes so you’ll have room for big things like diapers, bottles, and spare clothes as well as small pockets for pacifiers and small toys. Plus, it comes with an extendable key chain holder as well as a pocket for easy access to baby wipes.

The twill polyester material is stronger than cloth and won’t fray. It’s lightweight and durable, perfect for moms and dads. Plus, it even includes a durable changing mat and a sundry bag. This is such a versatile bag and because it comes with a lifetime warranty, you’ll be using it for years to come.

5) MBayshore Baby Diaper Backpack with Built-In Stroller Straps

mbayshore baby diaper backpack with built in stroller straps

This MBayshore bag can be carried as a backpack or attached to your stroller. You can also adjust the straps and carry it as a crossbody shoulder bag or carry it by the comfortable top handle. There are plenty of pockets, including a large main compartment, a wipes dispenser, and zippered pocket that makes the perfect place for keys or to tuck that pacifier so you know right where to find it.

It’s made of water-resistant polyester that’s easy to wipe clean and can withstand sun exposure, perfect for days at the beach or any other outdoor adventures. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t love it, send it back for a full refund.

the 5 most stylish high end strollers to make any mom swoon in 2018

The 5 Most Stylish High-End Strollers to Make Any Mom Swoon

High-end strollers not only look good, but they also provide you with a lot of amazing features that standard strollers just don’t have. Let’s take a look at a few of the best ones out there.

1. UPPABaby VISTA Stroller Modular System

uppababy vista stroller modular system

If you want a luxury stroller and are willing to go all in, why not start with the best? The UPPABaby VISTA Stroller is an amazing system that expands to support your growing family. The 2018 version has somehow managed to improve upon a system that was already quite impressive, to begin with.

There are a lot of cool features that make this stroller the best. Changing the seat’s position is really easy as it goes from forward to rear facing with ease. The reclining mechanism can be adjusted with one hand and goes from full recline to completely upright with multiple stops in between.

The handle is height adjustable, which is a great feature for tall parents. And get this: the handle is covered in 100% hand-stitched leather. There’s also a spacious and easily accessible basket where you can stash all the things you need to bring along for both you and your infant.

The canopy height is adjustable, and the built-in sunshade keeps the bright light out of your little one’s eye while also providing an SPF of 50. There’s also a rain shield and bug shield included so your baby is protected no matter the weather conditions.

This system includes a bassinet, too, which comes in really handy for extended travel or just a night at the grandparents’ house. The car seat seamlessly transfers from car to stroller with a simple click. Plus, when your child outgrows the car seat, you’ll both appreciate the deep seat and long footrest on the stroller. All the fabrics are machine washable, too.

Honestly, we’ve only touched on all the things this system has to offer. It is easily one of the most impressive systems ever designed.

2. Bugaboo Cameleon3 Stroller

bugaboo cameleon3 stroller

Next up is the Bugaboo Cameleon3 Stroller. This stylish stroller has the look of an old-fashioned pram with modern features that you didn’t even know existed. One of the coolest things about this is how easily it unfolds. All you have to do is pull up on the handle, and the stroller unfolds itself and falls gently into place.

Another awesome thing about this stroller is how easily the wheels adjust to accommodate different terrains. There are two large wheels in the back and two small swivel wheels in front that are perfect for maneuvering into subways, elevators, or through the aisles in the grocery store. For rougher terrain, reverse the handlebar to put the large wheels in front. And get this, you can even lock it into a 2-wheel position if you’re dealing with some seriously bumpy roads.

There’s a bassinet included for when your little one is brand new. A car seat adapter is also available if you want to use it as part of a travel system. When your little one can sit up on his own, you’ll both love the versatile seating options. The seat can face forwards or backward and has three recline positions.

3. Austlen Baby Co. Entourage Stroller

austlen baby co entourage stroller

The best thing about the Austlen Baby Co. Entourage Stroller is how versatile it is. Believe it or not, this stroller actually gives you 30 different configurations. There’s an expandable tote and large stow-away storage that can hold just about anything. You will be blown away by how much you can carry on this stroller. It’s made to hold up to 150 pounds, three times what other strollers can do.

With the 1-hand expansion feature, this stroller takes seconds to set up. The seat has five different recline positions, an adjustable footrest, and can be used with double car seats or as a double stroller.

Despite being this functional, it also looks classy. The fan-spoked wheels give it an old-fashioned look. The charcoal fabric looks plush while also being machine washable. Plus, the handles are covered in soft-touch vegan leather for a classy, upscale look.

4. Jane Rider Premium Travel System Stroller with Bassinet

jane rider premium travel system stroller with bassinet

The Jane Rider is functional and elegant. One of the things that stands out about it is the fabric. It’s a plush, poly-cotton blend that’s soft and comfortable as well as machine washable. Parents will love the adjustable handlebar. There are six different settings so if mom is short and dad is tall; they’ll both be able to enjoy pushing this stroller. And get this: there’s a rain cover, cup hold, and diaper bag included with purchase.

It’s really easy to open, just a simple tap of your foot and it opens up regardless of whether the seat if rear or forward facing. The rear suspension helps your little one tolerate bumpier walks around the park. It’s also perfect for running errands when your baby needs to be able to lay back and take a nap.

5. Babyzen YoYo+ Stroller Bundle

babyzen YoYo stroller bundle

The Babyzen YoYo+ Stroller is a stylish, functional optional stroller system for modern parents. There are even accessories you can add to increase its versatility, so you can use it for years to come.

One of the remarkable things about this stroller is that it’s pretty compact. In fact, when it’s folded, it’s small enough to fit inside the overhead compartment of an airplane. Because you can fold, unfold, and steer it with one hand, you can easily shop, take an important phone call, or cuddle your child at the same time. When you’re on the move, the 4-wheel suspension can handle bumpier rides without completely disturbing your baby.

This bundle includes the newborn pack which includes a newborn bassinet that attaches to the frame. It has a 5-point harness to keep your baby safe along with complete head support. The pop-up canopy has three positions and provides SPF 50 protection from the sun’s rays. All the fabrics in the system are completely machine washable, too.

side by side double stroller featured image

Side-By-Side Double Stroller: Why You Need a Side-By-Side Double Stroller

Parents of twins, or children who are born a year or so apart and under or around the age of four, may want to consider purchasing a side-by-side double stroller over two single strollers or tandem stroller products for a variety of reasons. If you fall into one of these categories, then this article is certainly something you should check out. I say this because there are many interesting features and brands of side-by-side strollers that you may not be aware of. This article will help explain why you may need one of these products and hopefully make your purchase an educated one.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of strollers and infant car seats on the market, such as lightweight double strollers, umbrella strollers, jogging strollers, double jogging strollers, compact double strollers, and of course, side-by-side strollers. In order to educate those who aren’t sure why they would need a side-by-side stroller it is first important to simply explain what these products are all about. First of all the popularity of tandem and side-by-side stroller have increased rapidly in the past few years simply because the products are extremely useful for parents with two kids. This is especially true of parents of twins or similarly aged children under or around the age of four as it makes transporting your children much easier.

Twin or side-by-side strollers are pretty much two single strollers that are attached to each other. The concept is pretty basic though certain brands of side-by-side strollers offer unique features others may not have. Some of the positive features most side-by-side strollers offer are that they are positioned in a way that both children are seated so that they have equal vantage points. This is certainly something that experts agree children tend to prefer. The seats are also a bit shallower then tandem strollers which make the stroller’s maneuverability better and allows the parent easier access to both children.

The features mentioned above are just some of what side-by-side strollers offer parents, but in order to best inform potential customers why they may prefer a side-by-side stroller, I’ll go over the features of some of the more popular brands. This will give you a more accurate view of what you’re getting when you purchase this product.

Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

joovy scooter x2 double stroller image

One of the more popular models of side-by-side strollers is the Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller. This particular product has garnered many favorable reviews because of its quality and affordability. At just around $200, you will get an amazing product that has everything you need from a side-by-side stroller. These include a large sun canopy, big seats capable of carrying around 45 pounds that can also be folded out to a nearly flat position, and sizable front and back wheels that allow for smooth maneuverability.

The best part about this product is that all of the features mentioned above are able to fit into a 30” wide frame. This allows the stroller to fit easily through even the tightest of spaces. The only real knock on many side-by-side strollers is that they are simply too wide to use practically as they don’t fit through smaller doorways which will cause parents headaches. Thankfully, this product and many similar products have figured out ways to fit all of the necessary features required on strollers in a sleek and compact design.

Chicco Echo Twin Stroller

chicco echo twin stroller image

Another great side-by-side stroller is the Chicco Echo Twin, which is a little bit cheaper than the Joovy mentioned above, costing just around $180. Just because this product is at the cheaper end of the spectrum doesn’t mean you’ll be getting an inferior product. In fact, this stroller has made many lists of the top side-by-side strollers because it’s the total package.

It features two comfortable seats that recline to four unique positions allowing either child to be moved to whichever position they are more comfortable with. If your children are a bit older and happen to use the leg rest, this part is also adjustable which will cater to children of all shapes and sizes.

In addition to the features mentioned above, this product also has a five-point safety harness and durable wheels that allow for easy maneuverability.

Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT Double Stroller

baby jogger 2016 city mini gt double stroller image

The Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT Double Stroller is simply what makes side-by-side- stroller one of the best products for parents of twins or similarly ages children under or around the age of four. It encompasses everything great about side-by-side strollers because of its all-terrain wheels, adjustable handlebar, quick fold technology for easy storage, and its ability to let you attach one or two car seats to the stroller itself.

This product will cost you around $500, but most customers find it well worth its rather a hefty price tag. An interesting customer review that I found while researching, points out that after having had seven children and using a wide variety of side-by-side strollers that this particular product was by far the most versatile and, therefore, this particular reviewer’s favorite amongst all the others.


Hopefully, this article gave you a bit of helpful advice for those thinking about purchasing a side-by-side stroller. There are definitely pros and cons to these products and the decision to purchase one requires a bit of forethought. In researching this article, I found that the common debate is whether or not parents should purchase a tandem stroller or a side-by-side stroller. Though this choice is very subjective to what the parents and children are more comfortable, both choices have their own unique set of pros and cons.

Neither choice is significantly better than the other and often a little experimenting is needed to understand which choice is best suited for you and your children. I’d recommend giving each option a quick test drive before making your purchase. Sometimes, children will act up more when seated next to each other as opposed to one in front and one behind. In order to figure these types of questions out it’s in your best interest to simply ask the store where you are purchasing your stroller if you can take it for a quick test drive to see how your kids act in that particular strollers environment.

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