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CityGrips Small Single Bar

CityGrips Bar Covers – Stylish Protection for your Pushchair Handles

Keeping your stroller clean and in good shape is important. Having a good looking is stroller is also important. I have found the answer to BOTH those problems! Today I would like to introduce you to CityGrips: the best stroller accessory there is. Period. 10% off – Shop online with the discount code busycitymum at and […]

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many strollers

Are you also addicted to buggies?

Last weekend on Claire wrote about the idea of buggy lust– parents who can’t find the perfect buggy but instead keeping adding new ones to their continuously growing collection of strollers and pushchairs. I can totally relate; by now I have developed a little bit of a buggy addiction myself. I actually took it […]

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colourful stroller

Does Colour of the Stroller Have Any Effect On The Baby?

The choices for baby stroller colours are endless these days, with every colour of the rainbow and more now an option for new parents. This may leave them wondering if the colour of the stroller affects their child. And as much as you’d like to choose the best colour that baby will love, the truth […]

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Hero Bus Driver

Bus Driver Stops Kidnapping In Progress

I just saw this video. What an amazing story and a reminder of keeping your children safe at all times! Please share for child safety awareness. Transcript from  We’re going to switch gears, and turn now to an eagle-eyed bus driver. He spotted the 3-year-old boy and suspected kidnapper on his bus. His quick-thinking made […]

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activities with a toddler

The best toddler activities in London

If you are visiting London with toddlers, you already know that strolling around the city it’s a hard job. Million of people, busy buses where only 2 buggies can get in at each time, underground station with no lifts, I wouldn’t call London a baby-friendly city. However, there are a lot of things to do […]

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11 Essential Things To Pack When Travelling With Kids

Travelling with kids can be extremely stressful, above all if you do not organise your baby bag properly. We just got back from our holiday in Brazil and, while on the plane, I thought “I wished someone wrote a post on what to pack in the carry on luggage in order to survive 10 hours […]

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small bathroom ideas

7 small fabulous bathroom designs

When you have 30 square meters for designing a bathroom, it is easy to get creative with ideas and eccentric materials. In London, the bathroom is usually the smallest place in the apartment. The size of the bathroom is something between a cupboard and a generous wardrobe. So, when life give you lemons… you try […]

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luxury christmas gifts

2014 Luxury Christmas gifts

If you have seen the new Liberty shop’s Christmas ad, you already know that 52% of people in the UK is unhappy with the Christmas presents they receive. I know, we all say that it’s the thought that counts, but is it really? I am not going to lie and tell you that I am […]

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secrets of decoupage

How to make your own Papier Mache Brontosaurus

I have always been fascinated by decoupage and the way it transforms pretty boring objects into fun and colourful items. Decoupage,  from the French word découper meaning to cut out, is the art and craft of cutting little pieces of material and glue them to an object and then covering it with several coats of varnish. […]

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