Best Strollers for Off Road

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Strolling shouldn’t be for sidewalks alone. It’s nice to get that bit closer to nature and stroll through paths, grassy terrain or wooded areas. This is more important if you live out in the sticks, and don’t have the luxury of flat smooth paving everywhere you go.

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But worry not – there’s a solution at hand! We’ve identified what we feel are the best all terrain strollers out on the market at the moment. Their product reviews follow, and after that we’ve got a handy buying guide for you which specifies what you need to be looking out for in your off road stroller.

In a hurry? This is our winner!

Our rating:
Baby Trend Expedition RG Jogger Stroller, Emerald
  • Quick-release 16" all-terrain rear bicycle wheels
  • Front Swivel Wheel for easy maneuvering, locks for jogging
  • Reclining Padded Seat with 5 point harness, tether, large canopy and storage basket
  • Easy Compact trigger fold for storage or travel. Care and Maintenance -To clean the seat pad, use only mild household soap or detergent and warm water on a sponge or clean cloth. Check your stroller for loose screws, worn parts, torn material or stitching on a regular basis. Replace or repair parts as needed
  • Accepts Top Rated Baby Trend Infant Car Seat to create a Travel System

Best Strollers for Off Road – Comparison Table

Best Strollers for Off Road – Reviews

Our Pick
Baby Trend Expedition RG Jogger Stroller, Emerald
Our rating:

This is a great little stroller for use off road from Baby Trend – and at a great little price too!

It flies off the shelves at Amazon, and even after over a staggering 3500 customer ratings, the average comes out at a fabulous 4 and a half stars out of 5.

It’s even been awarded “Amazon’s Choice” for all terrain strollers, a sign of both good quality, and reasonable/affordable price.

What makes it so good for use in rougher terrain is not just the 3 wheel set up, but also that the rear 2 wheels are 16 inch bicycle wheels with air filled tires.

It also has a front swivel wheel which will lock into place when you need it to for easier maneuvering.

It has that all important 5 point safety harness that we talk about in our buying guide.

We also like that it features a reclining padded seat to ensure baby’s comfort.

It folds up easily and compactly for storage or for your trunk.

Another big bonus to this stroller is that you can attach a Baby Trend infant car seat to it, so there’s no need to wake Baby when you get out of the car.

It has other nice features too, like cup holders, an adjustable seat back and canopy, and a super handy storage basket, which leaves your hands free to push the stroller.

It’s available in a range of different color options, most of which are fairly gender neutral (we like the Emerald).

  • Amazon’s Choice for all terrain strollers
  • Flying off the shelves
  • Great feedback from customers
  • 3 wheel set up
  • Rear 2 wheels are 16 inch large bicycle wheels
  • Rear wheels feature air filled tires
  • Lockable front wheel
  • 5 point safety harness
  • Reclining padded seat
  • Folds up easily and compactly
  • Can attach a Baby Trend infant car seat
  • Cup holders
  • Adjustable seat back
  • Adjustable canopy
  • Super handy storage basket
  • Available in some really nice color options
  • Hard to inflate the front wheel

BOB Gear Alterrain Pro Jogging Stroller, Black
Our rating:

Now this is a stroller that’s designed with hiking trails in mind – if money were no object this would definitely be the one to go for.

It’s not just the 3 wheel construction that makes it so good for use off-road. The wonderful smooth ride that baby gets is all down to the Smooth Shox suspension system and large air filled rear tires.

The feature on this stroller that we love the most is hands down the handbrake – perfect for going downhill, wouldn’t want to be without it to be honest with you.

The other thing that makes it good for long journeys such as hikes, is it’s all weather canopy, so if the weather seems ok when you leave the house, but later it turns on you, you can carry on worry free, thanks to the all weather canopy which is 100% waterproof and windproof. It’s even UPF rated to 50+.

When you want to pack it away, you can hold the baby in one hand and fold the stroller in the other. And to make it easier to store you can remove the wheels altogether – perfect for fitting in the trunk.

There’s an ultra-padded compression seat to keep the baby comfortable throughout your journeys, and it reclines right back.

We love the XL zip top cargo basket, but what’s really handy is the cell phone holder!

We think the black style is the sleekest, but if that’s not for you, there are 3 other options.

It doesn’t seem to have made as many sales on Amazon as some of the others we’ve shown you, but the customer feedback is second to none, with an average customer rating of 4 and a half stars out of 5.

  • Designed with hiking trails in mind
  • 3 wheel construction
  • Smooth Shox suspension system
  • Large air filled rear tires
  • Handbrake – perfect for going downhill
  • All weather canopy
  • Packs away well for easy storage
  • Ultra-padded compression seat
  • XL zip top cargo basket
  • Cell phone holder
  • 4.5 stars out of 5
  • Premium product at a premium price

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller
Our rating:

This stroller from Graco too has been flying off the shelves at Amazon, with over 1000 customer ratings bringing about an average customer rating of a staggering 4 and a half stars out of 5.

Graco is a good well established brand that has been in business for over 60 years.

It features that 3 wheel construction which has that perfect maneuverability for going off-road. Not only that, but it also features 15 inch wide rear wheels, which are rubber and air filled. Smooth ride guaranteed.

It also has that all important lockable front wheel to make the wheelbase longer and sturdier when needed, again perfect for going off-road.

With regards to safety features, there’s that 5 point harness we talk about in our buying guide, and there’s a good suspension system on it too.

Other features included are pretty cool, we love that there’s 2 cup holders, and a smartphone cradle – you can put the phone onto speaker and carry on with your call hands free. Baby even gets a tray and cup holder too. This moves away to get the baby in.

The underseat storage is super handy – you always need somewhere to keep diapers etc.

We love how you can fit any Graco infant car seat too, making it not just a stroller but a whole travel system!

When you’re ready to pack it away, it folds down in just a second, and is very lightweight to pick up and put in your trunk. You can check it’s folded up dimensions on the Amazon page.

  • One of Amazon’s best sellers
  • Great customer feedback on Amazon
  • Good well established brand
  • 3 wheel construction, perfect for going off-road
  • 15 inch large rear wheels
  • Rear rubber wheels are air filled
  • Lockable front wheel
  • 5 point safety harness
  • Good suspension system
  • 2 cup holders
  • Smartphone cradle
  • Pivotable child’s tray
  • Underseat storage
  • Can fit any Graco infant car seat
  • Folds down compactly in just a second
  • The cell phone holder isn’t designed for larger cell phones

Jeep Classic Jogging Stroller, Grey
Our rating:

This nifty little stroller from Delta Children is also a great choice for use off-road.

And it’s had some great customer feedback – after over 100 ratings, it’s scored an average customer rating of 4 and a half stars out of 5.

It sports that 3 wheel construction which is so important for going off-road on rougher terrain.

And to that end, it also has large wheels at the rear, measuring 16 inches in diameter altogether.

There’s also a swivel lock on the front wheel, with the aim of making a sturdier wheelbase.

Beyond that there’s also a shock absorbing suspension system.

All of these things help work towards making a smooth, hassle free ride, whatever the terrain.

In terms of safety, you’ve got that 5 point safety harness we talk about in our buying guide, and there’s reflective piping for better visibility at night, and there’s a safety tether to keep the stroller close at all times.

The other thing we love about it is that it’s compatible with several different car seats (see the Amazon page for details).

There’s a few other nice features too, like cup holders and a storage basket.

When it comes to storage, the wheels can be released from the frame, making it much easier to stow away.

  • One of Amazon’s best sellers
  • Great customer ratings and feedback
  • 3 wheel construction
  • Large wheels at the rear, measuring 16”
  • Swivel lock on the front wheel
  • Shock absorbing suspension system
  • 5 point safety harness
  • Reflective piping for better visibility at night
  • There’s a safety tether included
  • Compatible with several different car seats
  • Cup holders and storage basket
  • Folds down well for easy storage
  • Other strollers are a little easier to pack away
Baby Trend Xcel Jogger Stroller, Mosiac Blue
Our rating:

Here’s another great off-road stroller from Baby Trend – and it’s an absolute steal at this price!

It’s super popular with customers – and after over 3500 customers have rated it, the average customer rating comes in at an impressive 4 and a half stars out of 5.

It has that critical 3 wheel construction that we talk about in our buyer guide, and it has large bicycle wheels at the rear, filled with air. Just what you need for going off road – effortless rolling!

It has a lockable front wheel, to provide a longer sturdier wheelbase – also important when you’re going off-road.

Baby’s safety needs are met, thanks to the 5 point harness (more on that in our buying guide). And not only that, but there’s also a tether strap too.

And the baby should be pretty comfortable too, with their reclining padded seat.

It folds down quite compact, ready for storage or for going in your trunk.

You should note too, that this stroller accepts all Baby trend infant car seats, so transferring the baby from car seat to stroller is a walk in the park.

Other handy features include a large canopy and storage basket.

  • Incredible price
  • One of Amazon’s best sellers
  • Impressive customer ratings
  • 3 wheel construction
  • Large bicycle wheels at the rear
  • Rear filled with air
  • Lockable front wheel
  • 5 point harness
  • Tether strap
  • Reclining padded seat
  • Folds down quite compact
  • Accepts all Baby trend infant car seats
  • Large canopy
  • Large storage basket
  • At some point you’ll need to pump more air in the tyres

Best Strollers for Off Road – Buyers Guide

As promised, in this section we highlight the different things you should think about before you buy, and identify the things to look out for.

Three wheel construction

The type of stroller you are looking for is called a jogging stroller. Don’t be put off by the name, they’re just as good for strolling with as they are for jogging with!

They’re different from your standard stroller because they have just three wheels. That’s two in the back and one in front. This construction makes the stroller far more agile than your standard one, and is consequently much more easier to maneuver and operate.

Lockable front wheel

Having a lockable front wheel is super handy for rougher terrain. It effectively makes the wheelbase longer and sturdier, making it much easier to move through muddy ground, or even snowy ground for that matter.

Big wheels with air-filled tires

Bigger wheels provide better handling. So when it comes to wheels, it’s a case of the bigger, the better. Our recommendation is that you go for a stroller with wheels of at least 8 inches in diameter.

Also, the wider the wheel, the larger the patch of the tire that touches ground, so you get better traction.

And don’t for a stroller where the tires look flat – they’re no good at all. Your best option is to go for a stroller with air filled tires, which will roll more smoothly.

Or the next best alternative is to go for big rubber tires filled with foam.

Breaks / handbrake

When you’re on a flat sidewalk, you don’t necessarily need a handbrake on the stroller, but as soon as you’re on a hill, you’ll be very grateful for a handbrake – having the stroller roll quickly away from you (and heaven forbid into danger) is the last thing you would want.

Similarly you might also be interested in a safety tether. This is a strap that wraps around your wrist and is attached to the handle of the stroller, so if the stroller does start to slip away, it won’t go very far and you won’t have to go running after it.

Five-point harness

Baby’s safety is paramount. Without a good safety harness the baby could very easily slip or be bumped out of the stroller when you’re on rough bumpy terrain.

The child should be properly harnessed into their seat, and the best way to ensure this is by way of a 5 point harness. This is a harness that features straps to go over the child’s shoulders, then there’s a strap between the baby’s legs, and these three straps meet with an additional strap that runs along the baby’s waist from left to right.


Many strollers on the market these days have a good suspension system. Having a good suspension system helps to avoid your baby from bouncing and shaking too much during the ride. This is also a great safety feature, in case the baby gets out of the harness.

Ideally you should look for a stroller with a shock absorbing suspension system, to give your baby the best chance for a nice smooth ride.


Ideally, you want to stroll around without the baby crying the whole time. And although having the perfect stroller won’t necessarily bring that about, you can give some thought to how comfortable the baby is in the stroller.

When you’re off road and on rougher terrain, comfort is that little bit harder to come by, but you can help the situation by ensuring that the stroller is as comfortable as possible. You can do this by either choosing a stroller that is cushioned, or by purchasing some cushioning or blanket to go inside.

The other factor affecting the stroller’s comfort for the baby is the harness. Our advice is to ensure that the harness is adjustable, so it can grow in size as the baby does, leaving no unnecessary pinching.


If you ever want to pack the stroller into your trunk, you will have to ensure that it will fold up (preferably easily) and then fit in your trunk.

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