Does Colour of the Stroller Have Any Effect On The Baby?

Does Colour of the Stroller Have Any Effect On The Baby?

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The choices for baby stroller colours are endless these days, with every colour of the rainbow and more now an option for new parents. This may leave them wondering if the colour of the stroller affects their child. And as much as you’d like to choose the best colour that baby will love, the truth is – it really doesn’t matter.

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The colour of a baby stroller is a more of a preference for the parents and what colour they’d like to sport when touting baby around. Many parents also like to base the colour on the gender of their baby, choosing feminine colours for girls and masculine colours for boys.  Then there are some who prefer gender-neutral colours like brown, khaki, black and white. But in all honesty, your baby won’t really care what colour your stroller is and they probably won’t care even when they’re old enough to know their colours.

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But what you will find interesting is that a newborn doesn’t see in colour, which is why they’re fascinated with black-and-white patterns. Their vision isn’t fully in place until they’re about four months and then they can only detect bold, primary colours like red and greens first, followed by blues and yellows. So with that said, if you want to captivate your baby, opt for black or white when choosing a stroller colour if you care about how it will affect your baby, or just go with your favorite colour or the one colour that won’t get dirty as fast; it’s really up to you!

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As a parent, you should really focus on the type of stroller more than its colour since you’ll be the one pushing it around. You’ll want it to be functional and easy to carry, as well as be appealing on the eye. The best strollers are light and easy to fold, in addition to being comfy for baby. And many of them offer various colour packs to choose from, allowing parents to find a stroller that best fits their lifestyle and colour preferences!

What do you think? Does the colour matter?

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