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Graco Quattro Tour Duo – Sport Luxe Stroller

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Graco LogoThe Graco Quattro Tour Duo is a double travel system suitable for one newborn baby and one baby from the age of six months and up.

This Graco Stroller is an Amazon top seller and it’s become popular mainly thanks to the fact that you can actually adjust the seats from facing you to facing forward as you find fit.

Graco Quattro Tour Duo - Sport Luxe Stroller

You can attach two car seats that are incredibly easy to click on and remove.

This is a very sturdy and comfortable double stroller; that fits two infant car seats suitable for newborn babies. The ergonomic handle gives you better control of the stroller, which is perfect for when you try to squeeze through the crowd on the bus or the tube.

The stroller has two recline positions for the front seat and four for the back. Both seats can be angled to face backwards. The rear seat is suitable for children from birth, and the front seat is suitable for children from six months.

As well as the car seats, it also comes with a large storage basket and cup holder.

Technical details

  • Open dimensions: 123 x 57 x 100 cm
  • Folded dimensions are 60 x 57 x 94 cm
  • Total weight: 18.4 kg
  • Included in the price is a shopping basket and front apron

Click-and-lock System

The key features of the Graco Quattro Tour Duo – Sport Luxe include an easy to operate click-and-lock system that enables infants to be transported safely in the car seat. The one click system ensures that you can transfer your children from the car to the pushchair or vice-versa with no hassle and without waking them up.

An easy to operate fold-up button makes it simple to place the stroller in the boot of a car when travelling or store away at home. This ‘one-hand’ gravity folding feature is great for parents, as the stroller folds itself quickly and efficiently with the minimum amount of effort.

The Quattro has two plastic hoods that both have viewing panels on the side. This is a very useful feature, as your children can see out when the hoods are pulled down. Another nice feature is that the hood on the back also acts as an air vent.

Key features

The sturdy rigid framework of the stroller ensures the comfort and safety of your child. The stroller has two five point safety harness to ensure that both infants are firmly secured in their seats. The two seats are padded and very comfortable.

Graco Quattro Tour Duo wheel suspension

The Graco Quattro Tour Duo has spring front suspension, which means that it gives a smooth ride for your children. Thanks to the ergonomic steering the Graco Quattro Tour Duo is manoeuvrable with very little effort required. This means that tight spaces are no problem. We like that!

Customers reviews and Scores

The Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller has been reviewed 23 times on Amazon and has an average rating over the total number of reviews, of four stars. There are eight customers who gave the stroller five stars, and eight customers that gave the stroller four stars. All of the rest of the reviews were three stars.

Some of the negative comments stated that ‘it was very long so took up a lot of space on the bus‘, and also ‘took a while to assemble.‘ There were also some people that ‘would have liked to have had a rain cover included in the price.

Several comments also raised concerns that ‘the wheels were solid plastic and not rubber‘ and that ‘over very bumpy ground, the children would get a rougher ride.

However, the majority of the reviews were extremely positive, and even the people that had a few grumbles, had more positive than negative things to say. Although some people saw the size as something of a negative, what we have to remember is that it is designed for two infants. The size allows them to be more comfortable, even if it does take up more space on public transport.

Because you put the stroller together yourself, it also means that the price is lower, and that makes this stroller one of the most economical on the market. The solid wheels aren’t ideal on very harsh terrain, but the stroller was designed to be used in the city mainly and not as an ‘off-roader.’

If the rain cover is an issue, you can always buy it separately. The majority of the views used words such as ‘great’, ‘terrific,’ and ‘excellent,’.


This is a very good double pushchair: simple to operate, folds up at the touch of a button and is very easy to push around. With a lot of strollers not recommended for newborn babies, it is nice that here is one that is suitable if the child is placed in the back seat. The quarto’s tandem design is state-of-the-art for baby buggies and is very user-friendly for parents already under the stress of transporting two children around. It is sturdy, maneuverable and reasonably priced.