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4 Steps to Organise Your Spices

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I am not particularly fond of house chores but I find very difficult to live in a messy and disorganised flat. Therefore, I try to do the best I can in the minimum amount of time possible.

The spices cabinet is a long-standing messy place. This is what it used to look: messy! I couldn’t find anything in there and had to open 3-4 boxes each time I had to use cilantro.

The spice drawer before

The spice drawer before

If you can tell the difference between oregano and thyme just by looking at it, chapeau, for the rest of us, some labels will give a helping hand. So, here is how how you can sort out your spices in three simple steps (I got this idea from Martha Stewart)

#1: Download the labels

Download the Martha Stewart template. You can find the PDF file here. There are three variations but chose to print the round labels with individual spice names

Spice Tags for organising your spices

Spice Tags for organising your spices

2#: Print and cut out the labels

Print out the labels using a thick paper, not the common A4 used for documents, but a paper that can take some wear and tear. Cut out the shapes

3#: Glue the labels on to the jars

I then glued the labels on to the lids using Mod Podge. I was already using glass jars from IKEA, and you can find a range of jars here if you don’t like the ones I use:

IKEA glass jars

IKEA glass jars

4#: Place the jars on a tray

I placed the jars on a tray so that I can easily take all out all spices at once and quickly find the one I am looking for or prepare all the spices I need to cooking. I put my jars everything on an plastic tray from IKEA

IKEA tray

IKEA tray

and here is the result:

Spice Drawer After

Spice Drawer After

Much more manageable than before and it looks nice too.

How do you store you spices? Share your thought in the comment section.

Happy cooking,



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